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At Ozark Lakes Family Dentistry, Infection Control is always a top priority.
Please know that all instruments are sterilized in the autoclave, and all surfaces are wiped down with CDC-approved wipes between every patient.
If you are not feeling well, please give us a call to reschedule your appointment. Otherwise, we are here to serve your dental needs in a safe, clean, dental environment.
Thank you!
—Ozark Lakes Family Dentistry Team

"We are excited to announce our new practice name, Ozark Lakes Family Dentistry! Check out our new logo below! While our name has changed, our team remains committed to providing outstanding dental care for all of our wonderful patients." Dr. Geoff West 

Thank you for considering Ozark Lakes Family Dentistry for your dental needs. Our practice has served the Berryville, Green Forest, Eureka Springs, and Holiday Island, Arkansas area for more than 30 years with Dr. Jim Blanchard starting the practice in 1982 and Dr. Geoff West joining the practice in 2015. Dr. Blanchard retired in 2017. 

Family dental services Berryville , AR Ozark Lakes Family Dentistry
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Our vision:

To provide the highest level of clinical dentistry possible as well as, most importantly, authentic love for our patients and our community.

Our mission:

Wishing to reflect God's love for our community, we are committed to abundantly generous outreach and compassionate patient care.
"Inspiring Smiles, Impacting Lives"

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Dental Services Ozark Lakes Family Dentistry Berryville, AR
A healthy smile is all you really want.  Dr. West  and the dental staff have the expertise and tools to make that happen. Please see our helpful  patient resources .

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